Collegiate - Valorant Rulebook

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Last Modified: January 3, 2020

These rules are subject to change at the administrator’s discretion. If rules should change, all captains will be notified accordingly.

The Handbook’s General Rules apply to all CEA games, please read them first!


  1. Player Eligibility: All players participating in Valorant competitions must have an active Riot (North America) account in good standing displayed on their tournament interface profile. Only registered team members playing under their own account are allowed to play for a team.
    1. Collegiate Players
      1. Players must either:
        1. Be actively enrolled in an accredited post-secondary academic institution during the duration of the tournament.
        2. Be a graduate within the last calendar year of the post-secondary academic institution.
  2. Team Roster Size: A team may start the season with 5-12 participants. Rules for qualifications for rostered members can be found in CEA general rules.
    1. After the beginning of Regular Season play (Week 1 matches), a player rostered on a team may not transfer to another roster within the same College for the same game with out the Game Lead's approval.
      1. The main circumstance permitting a transfer would be a team losing players and falling below the minimum team size.
      2. Colleges with multiple teams playing the same game may have players on multiple rosters as outlined in the general rules under “Team Eligibility.” Being a floater is not considered transferring.
    2. After Week 5, removing players from the roster does not free up additional spots.
  3. Registration: Registration for the Valorant Collegiate Team League is free to all eligible players.
  4. Game Version: All players must have their game up to date with the latest patch.
  5. Weekly Structure:
    1. Monday: Matchups for the following weekend are distributed (assuming all previous round match results have been entered).
    2. Saturday : All matches are played on Saturday starting at 2PM Pacific (5pm Eastern).
  6. Season Format: Exact season format will be announced before the season begins when we know the exact number of teams. This section will be updated along with an announcement email for all captains. There will be two at minimum two stages: Non-elimination Regular Season (~8 weeks) and Elimination Playoffs.


  1. Competition Method: 5 vs 5 Custom Game on the NA Server
    1. Server should be picked based on lowest average ping
  2. Settings:
    1. Mode: Tournament
    2. Cheats: Off
    3. Overtime: Win by 2
  3. Home/Away Choices
    1. The team that is the home team decides whether they want to choose the map or choose attacker/defender roles. The away team chooses the other.
  4. Map Selection:
    1. The team that was decided to choose map bans 1 map. The other team bans 1 map. The choosing team selects from the remaining maps which will be played.
    Role Determination:
    1. The team that did not choose the map will decide which team attacks and defends first.
  5. Game Winner: The result will be as shown on the post-game summary screen.
  6. Series Length: Matches will be best-of-one(1) during the regular season. Matches will be a best-of-three(3) for playoffs and elimination rounds with teams alternating sides after each game.
  7. Restrictions: There are currently no weapon or character restrictions.
  8. Home/Away team: During the regular season, home and away teams will be assigned weekly through the tournament interface. The team on the left side of the page is the Home team and corresponds to Blue Side. The team on the right side of the page is the Away team and corresponds to Red Side. During playoffs, sides will switch after each game.
  9. Substitute players: During playoffs, players are allowed to switch following the completion of a game. In other words, in a best-of-three series, Player 1 could play in game one, get switched for Player 2 for game two, and then come back to play game 3.
  10. Spectator slots: All games should be configured to allow spectators to allow CEA representatives and casters to participate in the game and address possible issues
  11. Scheduling/Forfeits: The first game of each round must begin at the specified time. See [General Rules] in the handbook for rescheduling rules and email: Scheduling changes must be submitted CEA Discord server ( by the team captain in the #reschedule-reporting channel if a reschedule is agreed upon by both teams. Forfeits will be reported to the #forfeit-reporting channel in the CEA Discord server by the team captain.


Stoppage of Play

  1. Stoppage of Play Procedure: A player experiencing technical issues on either team may call for a restart of the game prior to the completion of the second round.
    1. The player requesting the restart must be experiencing one of the following: a hardware malfunction (e.g. any equipment malfunction), physical disruption (e.g. breaking furniture), or game configuration problems.
    2. They must then declare in all-chat for a restart. The game should be paused and the Game Lead should be contacted immediately.
    3. In the event of a game server crash, the Game Lead will determine next steps.


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