Because you are not a personality test



What is Comprehend?


Comprehend is a team communication assessment tool that improves teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

Why Comprehend?

The most fun you will have at work.

Comprehend uses video games to generate controlled stress that simulates stress at work

Real data, no surveys

Think about the last time you took a personality test. How different was your mental state on question 1 than question 153? Survey fatigue is a well-studied phenomena that makes questionnaire-based assessments next to useless.

Make conflict productive

Comprehend turns conflict into a positive, productive exercise that helps your organization move forward boldly.

You are not a personality test

We are social creatures who adapt to the people around us. Individual personality tests cannot capture the social dynamics of a whole team.


How do I use Comprehend?

Our machine learning model analyzed millions of group conversations to understand the critical factors of how people communicate when they work together.

Collectively, we call these the five factors. To obtain your team's factors, we listen to you play a team-based video game: We want to hear how you overcome an obstacle together.

Participation is a measure of total words spoken.

Clarity is the information density of your speech.

Gravitas is the extent to which you were a leader in your team's behavior.

Logical Flexibility is your ability to bring in outside information, shifting the team's focus.

Attentiveness is a measurement of how often you listened to the people around you and echoed their words.

In the darkest blue are your core competencies, the behaviors you bring with you no matter what the situation. In the middle is your default behavior, where you are the most comfortable. Finally, the lightest blue are your extension traits. This is the behavior you are capable of when your team needs you.

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