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Level Up Your Team Building

Company-wide gaming competitions with no experience required
Team Building that Works

The CEA Comprehend platform is the best way to build teams in 2021. Read a case study.

An Incredible Broadcast

Get the whole company involved. Publish the stream internally and cheer on your co-workers.

Your Esports Dream Come True

Feel like a professional player for a week. Compete with a coach and strategic game plan for your match.

The Games You Play

From competitive games like League of Legends to team challenges in Minecraft, we offer the games you play.



"Thank you so much for running this. It was exhausting but it was great."

- Karthik, CPA
“...The best thing I've ever done at work! It's the only way to do teambuilding during COVID.”
- Paul Brian, developer
"Post-event analytics were detailed enough that we were able to re-think some of our training strategy. Highly recommend."

- Issac, HR

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