Summer Chess

Individual tournament

Players will be grouped into groups of 4 based on strength, timezone and professions.
(We will try to avoid grouping players of the same company together as much as reasonably possible)

Within the groups, players will play a small Round Robin over Week 1 through 3 and will play a same placed player of a different group in Week 4.

End of Registration: July 5th
Groups announced: July 7th

Week 1: July 10th
Week 2: July 17th
Week 3: July 24th
Week 4 pairings announced: July 25th
Week 4: July 31st

Time Control:
Games are played with 25min+10sec increment time controls (Games are expected to take 1h) and we encourage players to jump on a call and network / analyze the game afterwards

Default play time: 10am PST
Games of Round 1-3 can happen any time between July 8th and July 25th but if a match is not played during its default time, the rescheduled day/time has to be set by the default play time.

Playing Platform:
Players can choose to play their matches on any platform but have to submit their username as default platform.

Match reporting:
It is the obligation of the winning player to submit the result of a game immediately after a game has been played. If a game ends in a draw, the white playing player has to submit the result.