Summer Hoops with the CEA

This listing permits entry for one (1) individual or team (2 players, if selected) into the CEA Summer Series for Rocket League Hoops. This event is a 2v2 Rocket League Tournament. Players will be paired by the CEA unless they specify a partner in the text field above. Please make sure the emails entered above are accurate, as inaccurate entries will prevent the discount code from working properly, and cancel your registration. For rules and scheduling, see the next tab.

Summer Hoops with the CEA starts on July 10th and runs for three hours. Players should expect to play 3-6 matches during that time. Playoffs will take place the following weekend. All non-playoff games must be played on the day they are scheduled. Rescheduling is not permitted. Participants can register as an individual or as a team. This event is open to all and is not restricted to corporate employees (teams can join with individuals from different companies should they choose to join as a pair).

The event is 2v2 Hoops (with all default mutators). Matches will be played as a best-of-3 series. The full event format will be announced closer to the event.

Teams should select the server closest to the highest number of people. If server selection is unclear, contact your game lead.

The event will be held on The team on the left is responsible for making the lobby and communicating its name and password through Discord to their opponents. Opponent Discord information is available on PlayCEA.

Report your scores through once the match has completed.

Key dates:

July 5: Registration closes

July 7: Teams announced

July 10: Main event

July 17: Playoffs for top teams.



The format will be as follows:

**July 10th 11:00 Pacific/14:00 Eastern**
Starting at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern, there will be 3 hours worth of rapid-fire Swiss play (meaning the rounds are created and progressed ASAP). This will be done through playCEA. This day will be for seeding. The top 8 teams will play in the playoff day the following weekend.

**July 17th 11:00 Pacific/14:00 Eastern**
Using the seeding from the July 10 Swiss games, the top 8 teams will play a double elimination bracket. A bracket will be generated and hosted on Challonge.