Summer Legends

This listing permits entry into the CEA Summer Series for League of Legends. Players will be placed on teams by the CEA that will rotate each week. Please make sure the emails entered above are accurate, as inaccurate entries will prevent the discount code from working properly, and cancel your registration. For rules and scheduling, see the next tab.

CEA Summer of Legends starts on July 10th and runs for three hours per match day. Players should expect to play two to three matches during that time, each consisting of one game. The event format is 5v5 on Summoner's Rift, Tournament Draft via Custom Game on the NA server and teams will be assigned by CEA no later than 24 hours before matches begin each week. All games must be played on the day they are scheduled. Rescheduling is not permitted. This event is not part of CEA's charitable mission.

The team on the left side of the match listing will play the blue side. If any issues arise, contact your game lead.

The event will be held on The team on the left is responsible for making the lobby and communicating its name through Discord to their opponents. Opponent Discord information is available on PlayCEA.

Report your scores through once the match has completed.

Key dates:

July 5: Registration closes

July 7: Teams announced

July 10: Week 1

July 17: Week 2

July 24: Week 3