8/22/22 - Website update

Dear CEA Community,

Following is probably the largest CEA update in recent history but we will try to keep it to the point.

In order to better advertise and showcase CEA products, we made an update to the main CEA website at You will now find directed links to our custom esports tournament product, team building through internal gaming communities product, and the Championship Series. Most of you know the CEA for the Championship series. That service is, as you all know, 100% committed to benefiting charity. This is made possible by the other two products. This includes examples like the recent internal esport tournaments for Yanmar or Riot Games, as well as consulting companies like Continental or HP on how they can use esports and gaming to their advantage. If you would like to learn more about those offerings, do not hesitate to reach out!

A change that goes hand in hand with our website update is a refresh to our discord structure. Going forward we will run with 3 main categories: company organizer support, Championship Series, and Game Communities.
While the first two are not new, we made the decision to split out Game Community Chats from the Championship Series channels in order to foster more engagement around a game. This also comes with an expanded list of game communities beyond games that are part of the Championship series. We will create Game Community Chats for every game that there is interest in - close chats if there is no interaction for a certain period of time, but also adopt game communities into the championship series or special events that see a high level of interaction of the community.
With all game specific chat being moved into this category, the Championship Series channels will receive a small update so that they stay focussed on the specific tournaments.
Third, we will invest into further expanding on our company organizer support channels. Most company gaming communities live and strive for the work of a few individuals that take the rains and organize the company’s gaming community. We are going to further invest into supporting those individuals to the best of our ability since they are the lifeblood of every company that deserve this support.

Next, to kick off our Game Communities, we are going to start a Game Club! (you know - book club but for games!) We will announce a game that everybody can play in their private time over the course of 2-3 months and in the end come together to discuss the game including special guests like developers of the games, speedrunners, or special community members. The first iteration of the game club will start in September so stay tuned for the announcement of the game.

Last but not least, a quick reminder for the fall season of the Corporate Charity Championships: End of registration is September XXX, with early registrations being available until September 1th (reduced registration fee).

x/xx/22 - CEA organizes Riot Games Rumble

x/xx/22 - CEA selected to organize Pan-American Intercollegiate and Intercorporate Team Chess Championships