Become a Game Lead

The CEA is currently seeking game leads!

Each season, hundreds of teams form across the country to play in the CEA together. Whenever a large group of people gather to do something, confusion abounds. The job of a Game Lead is to help people sort through the confusion and give them a great experience in the process.

The perks:

  • Monetary stipend per season worked.
  • Opportunity to meet and hang out with esports athletes, casters, and personalities you’ve seen on stream, as well as a peek behind the curtain of esports
  • The chance to join the CEA in making a difference in great causes around the world

In general, a Game Lead should:

  • Have some working knowledge of the game they lead. They should know how to make custom matches in that game.
  • Be available to answer questions via Discord each game day (Saturday) during the season.
  • Feel confident in conflict resolution between competitors
  • Be active on Discord
  • Keep a friendly demeanor and a positive attitude. We’re all here to have fun.

Experience as a tournament admin is great but unnecessary. CEA provides training.

Game Lead responsibilities are not time consuming. We estimate that the job of a Game Lead, Monday through Friday of the regular season, should take about an hour each week, and another hour or two hours on Saturdays during matches.

During the week, a Game Lead should:

  • Ensure that matches are posted by Tuesday morning
  • Ensure that lineups are submitted (for games that require them)
  • Answer questions posed by players within 24 hours

On Saturdays, the CEA meets to discuss the general state of tournament affairs and games are played.

On Saturdays, Game Leads:

  • Attend a (very brief!) CEA meeting and provide an update on their game.
  • Settle any disputes that arise within their game

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