Level Up Your Team Building

Company-wide gaming competitions with no experience required

Retention is not Salary!

Studies show that a worker's intent to stay at a job is only peripherally linked to their paycheck. Intent to stay is driven by social support structures: A worker's relationship with their manager, co-workers, external validation, and the cohesiveness of their team.

Directed Gaming Builds Cohesion

Excuse the obvious: Games are fun. In the same way that multi-player games evolved to incentivize cooperation, games evolved to be mentally "sticky." They attract cultural trends and they’re part of an ongoing public conversation. Whereas many learning & development programs struggle with employee activation, you will never have to convince people to play games.

Everyone Games

150 million Americans play video games. Almost all of them play at least three hours a week. Regardless of skill, experience, access, or background, there’s a game for everyone. Gaming is disproportionately popular among people of color. The average gamer has been playing for 13 years. Women 18 years or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population than boys 18 years old or younger.

Measurable benefits of participation


Have more positive feelings about their co-workers

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Would gladly participate again

We are laser-focused on giving you the most fun experience you have ever had at work.


Communicate with a co-worker they had not met before.

... And 73% report they will continue communicating with at least one new person they met.


Have never played this game before.

No gaming experience required. From competitive games like League of Legends to team challenges in Minecraft, nobody has played everything. Setup is fun and easy.


"Thank you so much for running this. It was exhausting but it was great."

- Karthik, CPA
“...The best thing I've ever done at work! It's the only way to do teambuilding during COVID.”
- Paul Brian, developer
"Post-event analytics were detailed enough that we were able to re-think some of our training strategy. Highly recommend."

- Issac, HR

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