Valorant Rulebook

Last Modified: August 23rd, 2023

These rules are subject to change at the administrator’s discretion. If rules should change, all captains will be notified accordingly.

The Handbook’s General Rules apply to all CEA games, please read them first!

I. Valorant Overview

  1. Player Eligibility: All players participating in Valorant competitions must have an active Riot Games account on the North American "Region Shard" that is in good standing displayed on their PlayCEA profile. Only registered team members playing under their own account are allowed to play for a team.
    1. Coaches: Coaches are allowed as long as they are registered as a player on the team. Coaches are also allowed to play since they are recongized as a member of the team.
      1.   Coaches are not allowed to talk during the live game. Coaches can only communicate with the players before the map starts, during tactical timeouts, and between maps.
    2. Team Roster Size: A team may start the season with 5-12 participants. Rules for qualifications for rostered members can be found in CEA general rules.
      1. After the beginning of Regular Season play (Week 1 matches), a player rostered on a team in playCEA may not transfer to another roster within the same company for the same game without the Game Lead's approval.
        1. The main circumstance permitting a transfer would be a team losing players and falling below the minimum team size.
        2. Companies with multiple teams playing the same game may have players on multiple rosters as outlined in the general rules under “Team Eligibility.” Being a floater is not considered transferring.
      2. After Week 5, removing players from the roster does not free up additional spots.
    3. Floaters: Within the same company and within the same game's tournament, a player may play on multiple rosters with the following restrictions:
      1. All teams must meet the minimum team size without counting any players who are listed on multiple teams.
      2. Shared players still count towards a team’s maximum roster size.
      3. A player on multiple rosters may only play for one of those teams of each game in any given week.
        1. Violation of this rule will lead to disqualification from the CEA.
      4. If a company elects to have floaters for any of its games, a representative of the company should inform that game's Game Lead which rosters are affected, and inform the game lead each week which team that floater will play on.
      5. The maximum number of floaters allowed across a company's teams in a particular tournament depends on the number of teams that company has in the tournament as well as the minimum roster size for that tournament, and is as follows:
        1. 2-3 Teams: 2 Floaters
        2. 4-6 Teams: 4 Floaters
        3. 7-9 Teams: 6 Floaters
      6. Each floater may be rostered on no more than 3 teams. Each team may have no more than 2 floaters.
      7. Cross-Game policy: Within the same company, players are typically discouraged from playing on teams across multiple games. Doing so may be allowed at Game Leads' discretion as long as the following criteria are met:
        1. All teams must meet the minimum team size without counting any players who are listed on multiple teams.
        2. Teams should understand that relying on a Cross-Game player's availability is not a suitable reason to reschedule a match (all matches occur at Noon Pacific on Saturday by default)
        3. A Cross-Game player should not plan to be a primary player on more than 1 team.
  2. Half/Joint Team: Please refer to the Playing on Multiple Teams or Companies (Floaters) rules for a Half/Joint Valorant Team
  3. Registration: The Valorant registration fee will be $200 per team. The captain pays this fee during registration on the CEA website.
  4. Game Version: All players must have their game up to date with the latest patch.
  5. Weekly Structure:
    1. Monday: Matchups for the following weekend are distributed (assuming all previous round match results have been entered).
    2. Saturday : All matches are played on Saturday starting at 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern).
      1. The CEA observes Daylight Saving Time.
      2. If not enough players on your roster are able to make the default match time, contact the opposing captain as outlined in our ‘Match rescheduling’ section to see if they’re able to accommodate a reschedule.
    3. Sunday: All matches must be finished and recorded in #scoreboard-screenshots in the CEA Discord by 11:59pm PST (2:59am Eastern).
      1. Failure to report match scores will apply a penalty of an additional "13 Rounds Lost" and forfeitting of map bans the following week. Repeated failure to report will apply additional penalties and potential action from CEA Staff.

II. Season Format

Spring 2023 will introduce a new format to the Rocket League season. It will contain three (3) Stages.
(PLEASE NOTE: The numbers below are arbitrary based on the number of teams participating in the league. The numbers and graphic/video below are assuming 44 participating teams)

  1. Stage 1: Regular Season (4 weeks)
    1. Stage 1 is all about locating and isolating the best of the best teams and advancing them to the playoffs as early as possible. This is done by grouping teams that have demonstrated recent success and have remained intact season-to-season and letting the winning teams from that group advance.
    2. Stage 1 will be composed of two groups:
      1. "Legacy" group
        1. Legacy will be composed of UP TO the top 16 teams from the previous season (based on playoff results). To be eligible, teams must also return at least 50% of the previous season's roster.
      2. "Contenders" group.
        1. The Contenders group will contain every other team registered for the current season that is not eligible for Legacy placement.
    3. Standings will be determined by Swiss points, round differential, and game differential.
  2. Stage 2: Regular Season (4 weeks)
    1. Stage 2 is focused on seeding for Stage 3. Records from Stage 1 are not continued into Stage 2. Stage 2 will maintain its own records for standings.
    2. Stage 2 will have 3 groups
      1. Playoff Group (Top 8 Teams)
        1. The top 8 teams from Stage 1, Legacy group
        2. These teams are secured a seed in the playoff bracket in Stage 3 and will play 4 weeks of Swiss to determine Seeds #1-8.
      2. Group A (~20 teams)
        1. The bottom 8 teams from the Legacy group, plus the top ~12 teams from the Contenders group.
          1. Please note these numbers will changed based off the amount of teams in the league.
      3. Group B (Remaining Teams)
        1. The remaining teams from the Contenders group.
    3. Playoff Advancement:
      1. The entirety of the Playoff Group will advance to the playoffs in Stage 3 with seeds #1-8.
      2. The top ~16 teams from Group A will advance to the playoffs in Stage 3 with seeds #9-24*.
      3. The top ~8 teams from Group B will advance to the playoffs in Stage 3 with seeds #25*-32.
  3. Stage 3: Playoffs
    1. A single-elimination, 32-team bracket based on seeding determined during Stage 2.
      1. Top 16 onward is double-elimination

Visual Explanation:

Animated Explanation:

III. season schedule

  1. CEA Fall 2023 Season Calendar
    • September 9th: Regular Season Week 1
    • September 16th: Regular Season Week 2
    • September 23rd: Regular Season Week 3
    • September 30th: Regular Season Week 4
    • October 7th: Regular Season Week 5
    • October 14th: Regular Season Week 6
    • October 21st: Regular Season Week 7
    • Nobember 4th: Regular Season Week 8
    • November 11th: Playoffs: Top 32
    • November 18th: Playoffs: Top 16
    • December 2nd: Playoffs: Top 8
    • December 9th: Playoffs: Losers Round 2
    • December 16th: Playoffs: Grand Finals / Third Place Match

IV. Rules

    1. Competition Method:
      1. Valorant Custom Game Lobby
      2. Server should be picked based on lowest average ping.
        1. Default Server will be a Central server (Texas, Illinois, or Georgia) based on which of the two has a lower average ping difference for both teams.
          1. Example: If Illinois gives Team A 60 ping and Team B 10 ping, and Texas gives Team A 35 and Team B 50 ping. Texas will be the chosen server.
        2. If both teams have a lower average ping on an East Coast (N. Virginia) or West Coast (N. California or Oregon) server and both captains agree to it, they can play on the lowest average ping server of that region.
      3. In-game Settings:
        1. Mode: Tournament
        2. Cheats: Off
        3. Overtime: Win by 2
        4. Hide Match History: Off
      4. Timeouts: Each team is allowed two 60 second tactical timeouts per map. If the map goes to overtime, each team is given one 60 second tactical timeout for the entirity of overtime. Unused timeouts from regulation do not carryover to overtime.
      5. Spectator slots: Coaches are allowed in their teams respective coach slot (Attackers Coach and/or Defenders Coach). No player(s) from either team is allowed in the observers slots.
    2. Series Length: Matches will be best-of-two (Bo2) during the regular season. Matches will be a best-of-three (Bo3) for playoffs.
    3. Restrictions: The CEA follows the same map pool as the Valorant Champions Tour. As of August 2023, Fracture and Pearl has been removed from the VCT map pool and is not allowed as a map pick.
    4. Substitute players: Teams are allowed to swap out players between maps. Teams are not allowed to swap out players in the live map being played.
    5. Home/Away Coin Flip during Regular Season:
      1. The home team is always on the left side of the CEA website bracket.
      2. Go to the match-coin-flip channel in the discord.
      3. The home team decides if they want to call heads or tails, or flip the coin (type /flip in the channel). The away team will do the other choice the home team does not pick.
      4. The winner of the coin will decide if they want to be Team A or Team B for the Map Selection section below.
    6. Regular Seaon Games: (Bo2)
      1. Team A - Bans 1 Map
      2. Team B - Bans 1 Map
      3. Team A - Bans 1 Map
      4. Team B - Picks Map 1 / Team A - Picks their starting side
      5. Team A - Picks Map 2 / Team B - Picks their starting side
    7. Playoff Games: (Bo3)
      1. The higher seeded team decides if they want to be Team A or Team B
      2. Team A - Bans 1 Map
      3. Team B - Bans 1 Map
      4. Team A - Picks Map 1 / Team B - Picks their starting side
      5. Team B - Picks Map 2 / Team A - Picks their starting side
      6. Team A - Bans 1 Map
      7. Team B - Bans 1 Map
      8. 1 map remains, Team A Picks their starting side
    8. Game Winner: The result will be as shown on the post-game summary screen.
    9. Scheduling/Forfeits: The first game of each round must begin no later than 15 minutes after the default starting time. Scheduling changes and/or forfeits must be reported by the team captain(s) in the #reschedule-and-forfeit channel.
      1. Please Note: Rescheduled games must be finished by 11:59pm (PST) Sunday.
        1. If the games are not completed, both teams will given an additional -13 round differential, as well as forfeit any map bans the following week. 

V. Technical Issues

  1. Stoppage of Play Procedure: A player experiencing technical issues on either team may call for a technical pause.
    1. The player requesting the technical pause must be experiencing one of the following:
      1. Hardware malfunction (e.g. any equipment malfunction)
      2. Physical disruption (e.g. breaking furniture)
      3. Game configuration problems.
    2. The game should be paused and the Game Lead should be contacted immediately.
    3. In the event of a game server crash, the Game Lead will determine next steps.

VI. Game Integrity & Penalty System

  1. Penalty System: Starting Fall 2022, we will be introducing a penalty system. The application of a penalty onto a competing team is determined by the Valorant Game Lead and the CEA Administration team. If a team acquires multiple penalties throughout the season, the CEA Administration may step in.
    1. If you believe that the team you are playing against has commited one of the following infractions listed below in this section, please have your team captain direct message the Game Lead or contact a CEA Admin with:
      1. Photo or Video proof of the infraction being broken.
      2. Relevant game chat or system logs.
      3. A written summary of what occured during the time of the infraction.
    2. The penalty system and punishments are as follows:
      1. First Occurance: Warning
      2. Second Occurence: Loss of Map Ban(s) in the following week
      3. Third Occurence: Loss of Map Ban(s) in the playoffs (plus prior punishments)
      4. Fourth Occurence: Loss of Round Differential and/or Playoff Seeding (plus prior punishments)
      5. Fifth Occurence: Further Action by the CEA
  2. Repeated Late Forfeitting:
    1. It is the team captain's responsibility to report a forfeit before gametime. It is unfair to the other team to not show up, or cancel last minute.
      1. The CEA understands that emergencies can happen, and teams will only be punished if the no show or late forfeit is intentionally due to team captain or other players' laziness.
  3. Toxicity:
    1. First and foremost, banter is allowed and encouraged if done correctly.
    2. Toxicity has no place in the CEA. The following are some examples, but not an exhausive list, of toxicity:
      1. Personal attacks on a player
      2. Doxing
      3. Hate Speech
        1. Racism
        2. Sexism
        3. Homophobia
      4. Slurs
      5. Threatening
      6. Sexual Harrasment
    3. All reports of toxicity will be investigated and reviewed by the Game Lead, and CEA Admins may be brought in if needed.
  4. In-game Exploits:
    1. In-game exploits that give an unfair advantage are not allowed in the CEA. This may include but is not limited to:
      1. Unbreakable cypher cams
      2. Walls that can be shot through one way (ex. Bind B Site Spawn Wall)
      3. Under the map Skye flashes
      4. Thrown objects that go through walls
    2. If you are unsure if a certain setup or lineup is an exploit, please reach out to the game lead to determine.
  5. Cheating:
    1. Any software or hardware that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed in the CEA. This may include but is not limited to:
      1. Aimware
      2. Wall Hacks / ESP
      3. Speed Hacks
      4. Damage Hacks
      5. Anti-aim
    2. Please refer to the CEA's general rules about cheating.

VI. Contact info

  1. Discord Server:
    1. Valorant Game Lead's Discord: sobpop#0001
  2. Email Contacts: