Super Smash Bros Rulebook

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Last Modified: 5/5/2019

These rules are subject to change at the administrator’s discretion. If rules should change, all captains will be notified accordingly.

The Handbook’s General Rules apply to all CEA games, please read them first!

I. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Rulebook

  1. Player Eligibility: All players participating in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSB) competitions must have an active Nintendo Account in good standing as well as access to the Nintendo Switch Online service.
  2. Team Roster Size: A team consists of 4-10 participants. Rules for qualifications for rostered members can be found in CEA general rules.
  3. Registration: The SSB registration fee will be $160 per team. To register, a captain should navigate to and purchase a registration. The captain will then receive an email with tournament codes for themself and their players. Once every member has entered their tournament code on, registration is complete.
  4. Game Version: All players must have their game up to date with the latest patch.
  5. Weekly Structure: Each team will need to submit their weekly lineups each round before the matches. A weekly lineup is a list of 4 players who will be playing in that round, and is used to determine specific match-ups. This will be done through Neuro the Lineup Bot. After this, players will find their opponents and play their matches (See section I.7.2). Each match is a first to 3 series, and if the games are tied 2-2, an "Ace" match is played to break the tie (See section II.4). This process is repeated for each round that is played during the week.
  6. Season Format: Exact season format will be announced before the season begins when we know the exact number of teams. There will be three stages: Preseason, the Weekly Swiss Tournaments, and the Elimination Playoffs.
    • June 8: Pre-season (2 rounds)
    • June 15: Regular Season (Swiss) Round 1
    • June 22: Regular Season (Swiss) Round 2
    • June 29: Regular Season (Swiss) Round 3
    • July 6: Regular Season (Swiss) Round 4
    • July 13: Regular Season (Swiss) Round 5
    • July 20: Playoffs (Single elim) Playoffs Round 1
    • July 27: Playoffs (Single elim) Playoffs Round 2
    • August 3: Playoffs (Single elim) Playoffs Round 3
    • *During this week, teams with 8 or more wins will be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, and placed in a special seeding bracket.
  7. Day of Match protocol:
    1. The CEA Summer Smash takes place on, and communication happens on Discord.
      1. The tournament is located here:
      2. To learn to use, click here:
      3. You can (and should) join Discord here:
    2. To submit your lineup, find your opposing captain and agree on a random, 24 character string. You can generate random strings here: 
      1. When you have both agreed on a random string (STRING), send a PM to the Neuro bot in the CEA discord with the syntax !lineup STRING <team name> /players <player1>,<player2>,<player3>,<player4> /types <character1>,<character2>,<character3>,<character4> For example: !lineup VCA0xU07q6gIEM9SdNh4aajh Stark Industries Ironmen /players Tony#0000, Steve#0000, Natasha#0000, Thor#0000 /types Samus, link, mario, fox
    3. Find and add your opponent as a friend. (Guide Here: Players play each other in the order their names are listed in LINEUP ORDER based on Neuro, the Lineup Bot.
    4. One player should create a battle arena:
      1. Format: 1-on-1
      2. Rules: 3 stock, 8 minutes. Other rules are found below in Settings and Stages
    5. Opponent joins and players select their characters.
    6. The stage striking process happens at the start of a set (See section II.2 ).
    7. Winners should promptly report match results on
    8. The next set is played.
    9. Winners report scores, and the rounds for that week continue.

II. Rules

  1. Settings and Stages:
    1. Stock and time are set to 3 stock and 8 minutes
    2. Final Smash Meter: Off
    3. Spirits: Off
    4. Damage Handicap: Off
    5. Stage Selection: Anyone
    6. Items: Off and None
    7. First to: 1 Win
    8. Stage Morph: Off
    9. Stage Hazards: Off
    10. Team Attack: On
    11. Launch Rate: 1.0x
    12. Underdog Boost: Off
    13. Pausing: Off
    14. Score Display: Off
    15. % Show Damage: Yes
    16. Custom Balance: Off
    17. Echo Fighters: Separate
    18. Radar: Big
    19. Teammate Highlight: On
    20. Mii Fighters: All moveset combinations are legal
    21. Stage List
      1. Starter Stages
        1. Battlefield
        2. Town and City
        3. Lylat Cruise
        4. Poke Stadium 1
        5. Smashville
      2. Counterpick Stages
        1. Final Destination
        2. Kalos Pokemon League
        3. Unova Pokemon League
        4. Yoshi's Island (Brawl)
        5. Yoshi's Story
  2. Stage Determination:
    1. To determine who strikes stages first, a game of rock paper scissors will be played. can be used to share a link with the opponent and play the game. The winner of rock-paper-scissors chooses whether they would like to strike first or second.  
    2. After deciding who strikes first. Available stages will be struck, making them unable to be picked for the following game. Once the player to strike first has been decides the strikes go in this order: player 1 strikes, player 2 strikes, player 2 strikes, player 1 strikes. The last remaining stage is played.
    3. After each game of the set, the player who won the previous game may ban 2 stages from the full list. These bans only apply to the next game, not the duration of the set. The loser of the previous game then chooses from any of the remaining stages, however, a player may not choose a stage they have previously won on during the same set.
  3. Character Counterpicking:
      1. After Each game in the set, the following is the procedure to determine character counterpicks.
        1. The winning player of the preceding game must announce their character selection for the next game.
        2. The losing player of the preceding game must announce their character selection for the next game.
        3. The next game is played.
  4. Format: Each individual game is a best-of-three between one rostered player from each team. Players may not play multiple games with the exception of the "Ace" set.
  5. Ace Set: If neither team has won the match after the first 4 sets, a 5th set is played to determine the match winner.
    1. Any single player on the team roster can play an Ace set, including players from the first 4 sets. Before playing an Ace set, each team captain privately submits their team’s player and character to the referee (or neutral third party if no referees are available). Once both teams have submitted, the referee reveals the players and characters. (Note: an ace player’s character need not match their character from previous sets).
  6. Pausing and the Home Button: Pause setting is to be set to off. However, if it is not, pausing is only legal while either player remains upon their OWN respawn platform, and only for the purpose of summoning a tournament official or in the case of a controller malfunction. All other pauses will incur a stock loss to the player who pauses the game. If the pause causes the opponent to lose a stock, the pausing player receives a game loss. This rule also applies to controllers which cause the game to revert to the Switch home screen.
  7. Stalling: Stalling, or intentionally making the game unplayable, is banned and at the discretion of tournament staff. Stalling includes but is not limited to becoming invisible, continuing infinites past 300%, and reaching a position that your opponent can never reach you. Stalling will result in a forfeit of the game for the player that initiated the action.

III. Contact Info

  1. Discord Server:
  2. Email Contacts:
    1. Game and Rules related:
    2. Business, money, and sponsorship related:
    3. Other: