Starcraft 2 Rulebook: Collegiate Edition

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Last Modified: 08-03-2020

These rules are subject to change at the administrator’s discretion. If rules should change, all captains will be notified accordingly.

The handbook’s General Rules apply to all CEA Collegiate Series games, please read them first!

I. Starcraft 2 Collegiate Rule Book

  1. Player Eligibility: All players participating in StarCraft competitions must have an active (Americas) account in good standing. All players must be enrolled full time in an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada.
  2. Registration: Registration for the Starcraft 2 Collegiate League is free to eligible students.
  3. Game Version: All players must have their game up to date with the latest patch.
  4. Weekly Structure:

    1. Monday: Matchups for the week are released (assuming all previous match results have been reported). Additionally, an ordered list of maps (5 for the regular season; 7 for the postseason) is published.
    2. Saturday: All matches are played starting at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern). Captains submit results after the match.
    3. Monday to Sunday: Players may independently coordinate a different match time for any map of their series to accommodate the players. Note that the default time is heavily preferred. Reschedules must be mutually agreeable. If there is no agreement, all matches will be played at the default time. Failure to show up for a scheduled match will result in an automatic loss and a warning.
    4. See General Rules in the handbook for rescheduling rules and post in the #reschedule-reporting channel if a reschedule is agreed upon.  Forfeits will be reported to the #forfeit-reporting channel in the CEA Discord server by the team captain.

  5. Season Format: Exact season format will be announced before the season begins when we know the exact number of players. This section will be updated along with an announcement email for all captains. There will be, at minimum, two stages: Non-elimination Regular Season (~8 weeks) and Elimination Playoffs.

II. Rules

  1. Players may not look at an opposing player’s monitor or projected screen.
  2. Players may not chat in-game unless they are engaging in pre-game sportsmanship or surrendering the game.
  3. Players who quit out of a game before it has ended, without referee’s permission, will lose the game.
  4. Player Disconnects. If a Player loses their connection to the Host during a game, the game must be resumed from replay. If it is impossible to resume from replay, immediately contact the Game Lead.
  5. Observer Disconnects. If an observer loses their connection to the game, but both players remain in the game, the game must continue.
  6. Draws. Draws are determined automatically by the game client. If a game results in a draw it should be entirely replayed. A player may propose a draw without needing to wait for the game client, and if both players agree then the game is a draw.
  7. Lobby Settings. Games should be played with the default settings (Category: Melee, Mode: 1v1, Game Speed: Faster), and on the latest SC2 game patch.
  8. Format. Regular season matches are played in a best-of-5 series, with a single 1v1 game per map. Playoff matches and grand finals are played in a best-of-7 series.
  9. Map Order. Maps should be played in the order in which they are announced in Swiss.
    1. Vetoes - Each player is permitted 1 veto. The order of veto is on a first come first serve basis in the Guilded match chat room. Vetos are optional and will shift the remaining maps up. For example:
      1. Given current week maps as
        1. Simulacrum LE
        2. Triton LE
        3. Zen LE
        4. Nightshade LE
        5. World of Sleepers LE
        6. Ephemeron LE
        7. Eternal Empire LE
      2. Player vetoes are Zen LE and World of Sleepers LE, then the played maps will be, in order:
        1. Simulacrum LE
        2. Triton LE
        3. Nightshade LE
        4. Ephemeron LE
        5. Eternal Empire LE
    2. In Playoffs - Players will take turns choosing maps out of the announced map pool, with the higher seeded player choosing first.
  10. Replays. The CEA requires the winning player from each match to save and submit all replays. There will be a form provided for replay submission prior to match day.

III. Stoppage of Play

  1. Player that requested a pause must announce the reason before or immediately after pause.
  2. Each player is granted a total of 5 minutes pause time during the match.
  3. When resuming the game from pause, both players must confirm in chat that they are ready to continue.
  4. If total pause time runs out, the game must be resumed. If one player refuses to resume the game, the opposing player will receive a win for that game.
  5. The Game Lead holds the right to request teams to pause during the match in case of any other issues. This time will not count against either team (regardless of who pauses the game client).

IV. Prizing

The top 16 placing players from the single elimination playoff bracket will receive scholarships in the following amounts:

1st: $15000

2nd: $7500

3rd: $2500

4th: $1000

5th to 8th: $250

9th to 16th: $100

Additionally, the highest scoring school overall will take home a trophy to commemorate their success.

School trophy will be awarded to the school with the most amount of points at the end of the tournament. Calculated by the below formula:

Every week of Swiss you will earn as points:

1/2^n * max(Wins - Losses, 0)

Where "n" is your rank within your own school. Wins and Losses are map win/losses.

Your rank is determined by your wins-losses for your school for the week. Ties will optimize for the maximum amount of points earnable for your school.

V. Contact Info

  1. Discord Server:
  2. Guilded Server:
  3. Email Contacts:
    1. Game and Rules related:
    2. Business, money, and sponsorship related:
    3. Other: