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The Spring 2021 season starts Feb 13. Register today for one of nine titles including, for the first time ever, Chess.


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Corporate rivals settling their disputes on the virtual battlefield. Catch up on what you've missed. 


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The truth is, when people aren't in an office, they talk less and connect less meaningfully. They form less meaningful bonds. All of this adds up to less communication and missed opportunities - an expensive problem.

Competition means better communication. Talk to the CEA about a private in-house teambuilding event for your organization

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Gaming For Good

We donate a portion of most tournaments and events to charity. Some of core events donate thousands of dollars a year to great causes!

Competitive Matches for All Level Players

We work really hard on making sure matches are as balanced as possible. Using a non-elimination Swiss-style tournament structure means you'll be matched with opponents with similar records.

Playoffs Broadcasted Live on Twitch

We're proud to support current and aspiring professional casters and offer our community the chance to play "under the lights".

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Build a network. Have some fun.