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Chess Rivals 2021

Two teams - One large team event - One winner

Both teams submit a roster of as many players as possible. (Player eligibility of corporate or collegiate section applies)
Going down the roster, CEA will create as many as possible reasonable pairings between two players of the two companies
(usually within +-100 rating)
2 games in every pairings (players play white and black once)

Time Control:

Corp vs. Collegiate: 10m + 5s inc
(games expected to take 25m, whole rivalry event expected to take 1h including a 10 min break between games)

Play time:
1st Round: 10:00 am Pacific Time
2nd Round: 10:35 am Pacific Time

Accumulate scores across all games played.

Match reporting:
It is the obligation of the winning player to submit the result of a game immediately after a game has been played. If a game ends in a draw, the white playing player has to submit the result.





37.5 : 44.5


clicking on a player challenges them.
Result submission