Engagement via CEA Events

Build Stronger Social Connections

89% of participants report having more positive feelings about their co-workers. 93% communicate with someone new as a result of their participation, and 73% plan to continue communicating with at least one new person once the event concludes.

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Stay in their Jobs Longer

#TheGreatResignation has seen a shift in workplace loyalty like never before. Studies show that retention, what academics call "intent to stay" is driven by social support structures: A worker's relationship with their manager, co-workers, external validation, and the cohesiveness of their team. Shockingly, compensation has very little impact on retention.

Have a Great Time

98% of participants would gladly join a similar event again, and most report this being the most fun they have ever had at work.

And there's no gaming experience required. 72% of participants are new to the game they are playing or have never played a game before in their lives. We make setup fun and easy. If you want to learn more, contact us below and tell us how we can help.

"Wow. Thank you so much for running this. It was exhausting, but it was great."

Karthik, CPA

"... The best thing I've ever done at work! It's the only way to do teambuilding during COVID."

Paul, developer

"Analytics were detailed enough that we were able to re-think some of our training strategy. Highly recommend."

Issac, HR