Aspirational Esports Experiences

Feel Like a Pro

"Esports" is a catch-all term for the wide variety of video games featuring professional teams, players, announcers, coaches, and all the other traditional trappings of professional sports.

"League of Legends" is one such game. Each year, its world championship draws more than 43,000 live attendees to venues including Madison Square Garden, and more than 43 million online viewers.

The CEA offers communication and teambuilding events that use broadcast production as well as professional (and often famous) talent to make participants feel like esports stars. Take a look at a case study.

Meet Your Coach

Nothing adds hype and energy to an event like having somebody in your corner. Coaches serve a variety of purposes - they make sure new players learn the game in time for the event, add value for people who have played the game before, and most importantly, unlock the analytical power of CEA Comprehend.
CEA Coaches are recruited from all walks of life, and we tailor the coach to the company. You don't have to worry about a 21 year old "coaching" people twice their age.

The CEA coaching program focuses on player to player communication over any specific game skill. While each game has a game-specific playbook written for it, we make sure to instill skills that are completely transferrable to the real world, using the game as a metaphor for real world communication and leadership.

Get the Word Out

Event broadcasts - put together by the CEA - are generally exciting and attract a lot of viewership. Since they are often broadcast on internal-only platforms, such as Teams or Workplace, event broadcasts can be a great way to send a message or reminder to your associates. Past streams have included digitized posters, interviews with executive leadership, and presentations from internal clubs.

Work better together. Build company pride with no physical presence required.

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg

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