Level Up Your Teambuilding Experience

Be a team player at 60FPS.

Esports competition with your co-workers

Your favorite games, hosted by your favorite casters and streamers.

Communicate better when times are tough.


No prior experience required.

Get coached like a pro.

It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

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Esports is for Everyone

In 2018, more than 166 million US adults played video games. More than 50% of CEA participants do not self-identify as gamers, but everyone has a great time. 9/10 people would recommend the CEA to a friend.


Connecting Meaningfully, Virtually

The truth is, when people aren't in an office, they talk less and connect less meaningfully. They form less meaningful bonds. All of this adds up to less communication and missed opportunities - an expensive problem.


Competition means better communication.

Aspirational Esports Experiences

Each event includes a professionally produced stream complete with famous talent. Play like a pro.


New to the game? No worries. Broadcasts are informational and easy to follow.


Work better together. Build company pride with no physical presence required.

A Good Time, Guaranteed

Vetted by experts and real world coaches, experience our teambuilding algorithm that goes beyond just matching people of a similar mindset together.

CEA staff set the tone for how teams practice and ensure teams are on the same page before events start.


Zero toxicity esports - a good time for all. See a case study here.

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg