Will you add [game] to the CEA?

We choose games based on a mix of player interest and developer support. Make sure to let us know about your interest in adding games when we send out our interest survey before each season!

Can I play by myself or with non-coworkers?

We have ideas and resources to help you build a team within your company in our handbook. One of our CEA goals is to build gaming communities within companies and so we don’t currently allow teams from a mix of companies.

Will CEA games be cast?

The Grand Finals will be broadcast live on Twitch with professional commentators. Some additional playoff matches may be professionally cast and teams may cast their own matches or request a community caster in Discord as long as they follow the streaming rules. If you’re interested in casting, contact the CEA admin for that game.

Will there be an in-person finals?

Occasionally, with developer support we run in-person events for various titles. Generally speaking, no travel is required for CEA events. We will have the finals live streamed and games will be played remotely. We plan on setting up viewing parties in key cities. While in person tournaments are a lot of fun, generally fewer participants are able to attend and it takes a disproportionate amount of time and money. That said, we do have some exciting plans for IRL events outside of season play.

Do I need company permission to participate?

We encourage everyone to reach out to their HR departments. This will make the company aware of your intent to play in the league and they may even help you recruit players, print t-shirts, and/or pay for your entry. We no longer require written permission to be provided to us. That said, do NOT use company logos or other intellectual property without explicit written permission from the owner.

How will company names and logos be used?

Company logos are not used by the CEA. We ask that players and teams also not use logos (for example in a team photo, player avatars, or social media) without obtaining written permission from their company.

Company names are used to identify teams and all team names must include the company name. Company names may also be displayed in a variety of places including the CEA website (http://cea.gg), tournament partner websites such as Battlefy, in-game overlays when the team is playing, live streams and videos of recorded matches, and blogs. Again, use of company names is used solely for the purposes of team identification.

Can players outside of the United States participate?

Players and teams outside of the US are welcome to participate although the experience as long as they’re willing to accept that:

      1. Match times are US friendly of Saturdays at 12pm pacific (9pm CET) with matches and ladder play which can continue until 4pm pacific, (1am CET).

      2. Games must be played on NA servers. In some games the may require a new account and in all cases it means extra latency for players.

It’s our hope to expand the CEA to have separate tournaments in other regions once we have the resources and interest to do so.

Can a player play on multiple teams for the same company?

We now allow players to be on the roster of multiple teams for their company with the following notable restrictions:

      1. All teams must meet the minimum team size without counting any players who are listed on multiple teams.

      2. Each team may have a maximum of one player who is listed on multiple teams for the same game.

      3. A player on multiple rosters may only play for one of those teams of each game in any given week. One time exceptions may be given by the CEA upon written request.

      4. Reschedules may only be requested for the purpose of enabling a player to play for multiple teams in unexpected emergencies, with CEA approval.

      5. Shared players still count towards a team’s maximum roster size.

      6. Battlefy does not currently allow a user to be on multiple teams in the same tournament. As a work around the player will need to create an additional account on Battlefy. In some other cases, including all Dota 2 teams, admins may need to manually add a the player as a text only entry which is not affiliated with the player’s account.

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