Fall 2023 Wrap Up and Giving Report

February 20, 2024

Fall 2023 Wrap Up and Giving Report

Despite continued layoffs throughout this past autumn season and start of this year, the CEA has continued to be a community overflowing with love and support between teams. Moving into 2024, we hope to continuing being a place where players are able to build connections while showcasing their kindness and generosity. Thank you to everyone who played the various Fall 2023 Charity Tournaments, and an extra congratulations to those who placed in the top three positions.

Rocket League
From Microsoft, The Windows Drivers donate $3384 to Close the Gap Foundation
From Amazon, The For the Montage donate $1692 to Doctors Without Borders
From General Motors, The Stuck in Silverado donate $564 to Leukemia & Lymphomia Society

From Epic, The Hyperspike donate $3000 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
From Microsoft, The ms_office donate $1500 to Washington Education Association Children's Fund
From Adobe, The Premiere Semi-Pro donate $500 to Child's Play

League of Legends
From Amazon, The FF15 donate $2400 to Critical Role Foundation
From Epic, The Mumps Cumps donate $1200 to Doctors Without Borders
From Microsoft, The Mango Tango donate $165 to Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

From Microsoft, The Feel the Vibes donate $3300 to Colon Cancer Coalition
From IBM, The Squid Squad donate $1650 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
From Microsoft, The Excelsior-The-Great-Return donate $550 to 988lifeline.org

Starcraft 2
From Google, The Alphastars donate $768 to Child's Play
From Adobe/Snowflake/Addepar, The Addeparchon donate $384 to GiveDirectly.org
From Amazon, The Alexa, 12 Pool donate $128 to Give Well

Dota 2
From Google, The Google Cloud Players donate $720 to ChildFun International
From Microsoft, The Bane Ganks and Mirana 2.0 donate $360 to Child's Play
From Google, The Rising Phoenix donate $120 to Turtle Conservency

As always, it is our pleasure to run a charity tournament of this size and caliber. We appreciate all of the players that take time out of their week to participate in a hobby that they love while fostering friendships among coworkers. We hope to see many of you returning for the Spring Season starting this coming weekend!

Best of luck in the coming Spring Season and in 2024.
From, the CEA Team

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