Fall 2022 Wrap up and Giving Report

February 04, 2023 2 Comments

Thanks to everyone who played, watched, and cheered us along this Fall 2022 season! This season was our largest ever, and featured the largest donation set we've ever made. Here's where the money went:

Rocket League

From Microsoft, Ninjacats donate $4,608 to Child's Play
From General Motors, Stuck in Silverado donates $2,304 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society
From Amazon, Alexa Play Music donates $768 to the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation


From Microsoft, Microsoft Red donates $1,248 to Child's Play
From Clover Talent, Luck is Not Enough donates $624 to Gamers Outreach
From Palantir Technologies, The Fellowship donates $208 to the American Red Cross


From Amazon, Amazon W Services donates $4,560 to the Marine Mammal Center
From General Motors, Generous Motors donates $2,280 to Child’s play
From IBM, Nimbus donates $760 to The Associates of the University of Toronto, Inc

League of Legends

From Amazon, Amazon Stock Diff donates $5,400 to the Critical Role Foundation
From Google, go/next donates $2700 to What We Do
From Microsoft, MSFT Outl00k donates $900 to End of Year Giving | Int'l Myeloma Fndtn

Overwatch 2

From IBM, IBM Squid Squad donates $3168 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
From Epic Systems, Epic Boosting Services donates $1584 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
From Microsoft, xXO365 No ScopeXx donates $528 to The 988 Lifeline

Starcraft 2

From Google, Alphastars donates $1344 to Child's Play
From Epic, Epic Systims donates $672 to Doctors Without Borders USA
From Google, Google Cannon Platform donates $112 to Child's Play

Dota 2

From Shopify, Shopify Dropshippers donates $112 to Against Malaria
From Meta, Senator We Run Mid donates $2040 to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association
From Google, Google Cloud Player donates $1020 to Child Fund International
From Amazon, RIP PRIME NOW donates $340 to Doctors Without Borders

Chess Division 1

From Amazon, Team A donates $864 to helpchess.org
From Adobe, Adobe Creative Chess donates $432 to Bari Mama
From Amazon, Amazon R2 D2 (B) donates $144 to Able Gamers

Chess Division 2

From Epic Systems, E.P.I.C En Passant Is Cforced donates $576 to Doctors without Borders
From Garmin, Dark Squared Knights donates $288 to ReStart Kansas City 
From Cision, Cision 1 donates $96 to Little Kids Rock

Apex Legends

From Epic Systems, Judy's Cuties donates $1800 to Children's Hospital Foundation
From Epic Systems, Healthcare Homies donates $900 to Madison Street Medicine
From Twitch, Fail Fish donates $300 to Ocean Conservancy

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