Spring 2022 Wrap Up and Giving Report

June 28, 2022 3 Comments

Thanks to everyone who played, watched, and cheered us along this Spring 2022 season. This season was our largest ever, and featured the largest donation set we've ever made. Here's where the money went:

Rocket League

From Meta, the Professional Tractors donate $3528 to Doctors Without Borders
From Google, I'm Feeling Lucky donates $1764 to carbonfund.org
From Microsoft, Clippit donates $588 to Child's Play


From Microsoft, MSFT Red donates $3264 to the USO
From Amazon, Offensive Bias donates $1632 to Malaria Consortium
From Microsoft, MSFT Blue donates $544 to USO

From Riot Games, Gun Buddies donates $3480 to https://youarerad.org/
From IBM, Nimbus donates $1740 to The Trevor Project
From MSFT, ms_office donates $580 to Child's Play

League of Legends
From Amazon, Stock Diff donates $6240 to St. Jude's Children's Hospital
From Amazon, Bananas for Bezos donates $3120 to Critical Role Foundation
From Raytheon, Raytheon Apollo donates $1040 to Daniel's Table

From Microsoft, xX MS Office 365 No Scope Xx donates $2304 to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline
From Amazon, OWS donates $1152 to To Write Love on Her Arms 
From IBM, Squid Squad donates $384 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

From Shopify, the Dropshippers donate $1344 to Against Malaria Fund
From Amazon, Alexa donates $672 to Give Well
From Google, Google AlphaStars donates $224 to Child's Play


From Amazon, Amazon Wallbang Services donates $1200 to Doctors Without Borders
From General Motors, the Gamer Men donate $600 to Child's Play
From Microsoft, ms_office donates $200 to Child's Play

Chess (Division 1)
From Microsoft, Microsoft Team Omega donates $2150 to Razom for Ukraine
From Adobe, Adobe | Creative Chess donates $1075 to Bari Mama
From Amazon, Amazon Team A donates $360 to World Resource Institute

Chess (Division 2)

From Amazon, Shatranj Ke Khiladi donates $920 to Save my city welfare society

From Amazon, Amazon Team US-4 donates $460 to Seattle Chess Club

From Garmin, Queen's Garmbit donates $150 to Operation Underground Railroad

Call of Duty

From IBM, IBM Esports donates $1248 to The ALS Association

From Microsoft, Microsoft Red donates $624 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
From GM, GM White donates $208 to Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA)

Apex Legends

From Slalom, Switchback Kings donates $1584 to Greater Chicago Food Depository
From Twitch, FailFish donates $792 to Oceanconservancy.org
From Epic Systems, HealthcareHomies donates $264 to The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

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