Spring 2023 Wrap Up and Giving Report

July 30, 2023 2 Comments

This past spring saw hardship and triumph. With layoffs across the tech industry impacting many of our players, we were overwhelmed with the compassion and generosity shown between teams. We hope this spirit that reaches beyond competition continues to be a light that guides us forward. 

Thank you to everyone who supported these great causes.

Rocket League
From IBM, The Bars donate $3456 to The American Civil Liberties Union
From Microsoft, The Windows Drivers donate $1728 to Close the Gap Foundation
From Microsoft, The Ninjacats donate $576 to Child's Play

Team Fight Tactics
From Amazon, The Amazonians donate $1152 to Helen Keller International
From Microsoft, The Green Tea-mfight Tactics donate $576 to Child's Play
From Twitch, The Thanks for the Gifted donate $192 to Gamers Outreach

From IBM, Whereisdennis donate $3360 to Best Friends Animal Society
From Amazon, The Amazon W Services donate $1680 to The Marine Mammal Center
From General Motors, The Generous Motors donate $560 to Society of Women Engineers

League of Legends
From Amazon, The Stock Diff donate $2880 to Critical Role Foundation
From Google, The NO SEVERANCE SADGE donate $1440 to Gorilla Fund
From Epic, The Mumps Chumps donate $480 to Doctors Without Borders

From Microsoft, The Excel-sior donate $3120 to Trevor Project
From IBM, The IBM Squid Squad donate $1560 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
From Epic Systems, The Epic Boosting Services donate $520 to Doctors Without Borders

Starcraft 2
From Shopify, The Shopify Dropshippers donate $960 to Against Malaria Fund
From Google, The Google Alphastars donate $480 to Child's Play
From Addepar, The Addeparchon donate $160 to https://www.givedirectly.org/

Dota 2
From Google, The Google Cloud Players donate $960 to AIESEC
From Google, The Rising Phoenix donate $480 to National Alliance to End Homelessness
From IBM, The International Beekeeping Masters donate $160 to Conservation International

From Adobe, The Adobe | Creative Chess donate $1440 to Bari Mama
From Amazon, The Amazon Are Right A Lot donate $720 to Critical Roll Foundation
From Epic, The Iliad donate $120 to Doctors Without Borders
From Microsoft, The MS Knights donate $120 to St Jude's Children Hospital

Call of Duty
From General Motors, The GM White donate $1632 to Gamers Outreach
From Microsoft, The Microsoft Red donate $816 to The Humane Society for Seattle/King County
From General Motors, The GM Blue donate $272 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Apex Legends
From Slalom, Not Team 8 donate $1632 to Greater Chicago Food Depository
From !BM White, The !BM White donate $468 to https://www.dominicandream.org/donate
From Epic, The Judy's Cuties donate $156 to Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin

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Telkom Jakarta
Telkom Jakarta

September 28, 2023

How do teams decide which organizations to donate to, and are there specific criteria or considerations that guide their choices? Additionally, have there been any notable stories or experiences that emerged from these acts of generosity that you’d like to highlight? Tel U

Danny Vega
Danny Vega

July 31, 2023

Hey, you got the winner for Apex Legends wrong. The winner was Not Team 8 from Slalom not Epic.

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