Player Spotlight: Dueggar

March 07, 2019

Player Spotlight: Dueggar

Our Player Spotlight explores the person behind the screen, what they're up to outside of gaming and what pushes them to compete in the CEA. We'll be publishing different player profiles every Tuesday and Thursday until our spring season commences on March 16th.

What is your name (real or gamer tag), job title, and company?

Ryan Praska (Dueggar) I am a software engineer at Businessolver.

How did you hear about the CEA?

We had a number teams in a variety of games in the AHGL and came over to the CEA from there. We’re very glad the CEA is continuing in this esports space as we have a great time participating.

What is your or your team's primary driver to competing in the CEA?

We love the sense of competition that is brings beyond what is available in a ranked match. Every member of the team has mentioned at different times that it makes them look at the game differently and makes them step up their game to a new level. It is also great being on a work team with people and then interacting with them in a whole new way on a CEA team. Basically, we get to feel like a real esports team but without the talent to get there or paychecks that would come with it.

What is your strategy going into this season?

Feed to win! As a smaller company we struggle against some of the larger companies we face but we feel if we can get them feeling sorry for us they might make a mistake we can capitalize on and clutch victory from the jaws of defeat.

What three games do you have the most overall hours in? How is this representative of your overall personality?

I try never to ask myself this question because the answer is scary when put into context, but currently it is League of Legends, Rocket League and Hunt:Showdown. As many days as I’ve put into them I really should be decent at one by now.

How well did you know the people on your team prior to this season?

How are you all getting along so far? We’ve all worked together quite a bit previously and several of us are friends outside of work so we get a long quite well. It makes game reviews a lot easier and being on a CEA team together is a lot of fun.

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