Player Spotlight: jaybeaux

February 26, 2019

Player Spotlight: jaybeaux

Our Player Spotlight explores the person behind the screen, what they're up to outside of gaming and what pushes them to compete in the CEA. We'll be publishing different player profiles every Tuesday and Thursday until our spring season commences on March 16th.

What is your name (real or gamer tag), job title, and company?

Jay Webster. SVP Product & Engineering, Valassis Communications.


How did you hear about the CEA?

I first heard about AHGL via my engineering team on our company Slack. We fielded 2 teams last season and had a blast. After a brief mourning period, we were thrilled to hear that CEA would rise out of the ashes of AHGL. Completely addicted as we are, we would have suffered significant productivity losses had there not been an alternative..


What do you love about your job?

I love my team. After 20+ years in the adtech space, I can honestly say this is the best team I've ever had the privilege of leading. Their ability to execute on the level that they do allows me the time to develop and communicate our company strategy. They keep me out of the weeds (where clearly I'm a menace), they are amazing.


How well did you know the people on your team prior to this season? How are you all getting along so far?

Honestly, last year was the first year of operating as a combined company (post acquisition of Maxpoint), so I didn't know many of the folks on our team very well. I still don't think I've met everyone in person, there are a few remote, WFH guys in there. We had a great time last season, there's nothing like a few intense rounds of PUBG to encourage bonding (or trash talking).


Who on your team is the most dangerous? Why should they be feared?

@Frekkle for sure. He's clearly the best BR player amongst us, depending on the squad, we're just there to keep him alive by absorbing hits and drawing out the impatient sniper. :)

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