Player Spotlight: Krayze

February 21, 2019

Player Spotlight: Krayze

Our Player Spotlight explores the person behind the screen, what they're up to outside of gaming and what pushes them to compete in the CEA. We'll be publishing different player profiles every Tuesday and Thursday until our spring season commences on March 16th.

What is your name (real or gamer tag), job title, and company?

Hey, I'm Travis (Krayze). I'm a software engineer at Microsoft, and captain of the "Microsoft Macrohard" Starcraft 2 team.


How did you hear about the CEA?

Naturally came over from AHGL. I heard about AHGL at Intel's Infernalan LANfest when I was in college around 2011-2012. A few of the original "Microsoft Macrohard" members were there, including Cowsrule who beat me in the finals.


What is your strategy going into this season?

To focus more on socializing and having fun. Worrying too much about winning can get stressful.


How well did you know the people on your team prior to this season? How are you all getting along so far?

We have some new and some returning players. I'm hoping to set up a couple IRL get-togethers this season along with the weekly online practice sessions.


Who on your team is the most dangerous? Why should they be feared?

Nice try, I'm not giving up the name of our ace! :)

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