Player Spotlight: Whsper

February 28, 2019

Player Spotlight: Whsper

Our Player Spotlight explores the person behind the screen, what they're up to outside of gaming and what pushes them to compete in the CEA. We'll be publishing different player profiles every Tuesday and Thursday until our spring season commences on March 16th.

What is your name (real or gamer tag), job title, and company?
Ben, software engineer at Amazon.
What is your or your team's primary driver to competing in the CEA?
While its not likely we'll take first and second place again, the goal is to defend our title as reigning champions.
What is your strategy going into this season?
First, make sure our teams are set up, then repeat last season's pattern. Gather and analyse data, collaborate with team, practice hard, play smart. There's been a lot of churn in our roster across all teams, so it'll take a little bit to get a grasp of play styles to come up with strategies.
What three games do you have the most overall hours in? How is this representative of your overall personality?
Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, in that order. I tend to gravitate towards games that have a lot of planning and less exact execution, then again, I say that and my top game is SC2.
How well did you know the people on your team prior to this season? How are you all getting along so far?
I've gotten to know the people on my team from the last AHGL SC2 season pretty well in game. Though we haven't started practice sessions again in the earnest, I'd expect things to pick up very quickly in the next couple weeks. We've lost a couple of very good players, but some new faces will hopefully step up to the plate. I've also spent some time practicing with some of the other players from the other Amazon SC2 teams during last season, it's great to see them improve noticeably over the past months we've had off.
Who on your team is the most dangerous? Why should they be feared?
That's a secret =). If anything, I'm probably going to be a liability to the team filled with high skilled players. The current draft of the team looks somewhat similar to what we ran last SC2 season, so we'll be running with an "unkillable" ace, a crazy wildcard, a very reliable player and a couple new faces. Though we're very rusty right now, with a little practice, I'm sure we'll be back on the radar of our competition.

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