Spring 2019 Results

July 04, 2019

Spring 2019 Results

With the final victors now crowned we wrap up our CEA Spring 2019 season! Thank you to everyone who participated, and who trusted us to carry on the legacy of the AHGL. As a recap:

Facebook Rhythm will donate the Magic: The Gathering Arena $1500 prize pool to Doctors without Borders.

Amazon Clapping Service will donate the League of Legends $4,500 prize pool to Doctors Without Borders.

Amazon Prime Courier will donate the Dota 2 $2,500 prize pool the Against Malaria Foundation.

FaZebook will donate the CSGO $1500 prize pool to Doctors Without Borders. (video)

Alexa, 12 Pool will donate the Starcraft 2 $3000 prize pool to Give Well. (video)

The Microsoft Ninjacats will donate the Rocket League $3000 prize pool to Child's Play. (video)

We're already making plans for the CEA Fall season. Anyone interested in being a tournament organizer or help out in some other way should email us at administrator@cea.gg our reach out on Discord!

We've also announced our four core games for the Fall 2019 Season. Registration for these games will open after our summer break concludes on July 22th. Don't be late! This Fall, the CEA season will feature:

League of Legends
Starcraft 2
Rocket League

If your game isn't on that list, don't worry! For the first time, our season will feature a large number of substantially shorter events, ranging in time from one day to three weeks. These events will feature games likes Hearthstone and Dota, as well as throwback titles like Age of Empires, and new game formats, like Autochess and Starcraft 2 2v2s. If you're not planning on participating in the regular season, make sure to join in for these short, fun events.

Thanks again from everyone on the CEA Staff. We love being a part of this project, and we're humbled you do, too.

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