Spring 2020 Results

July 01, 2020

Spring 2020 Results

Thanks to everyone who played, watched, and cheered us along this Spring 2020 season. 182 teams joined together in spirited competition to help us donate a $33,000 charity prize pool. Congratulations to the victors!

Rocket League

1st: Microsoft Ninjacats donating $3,232 to Child's Play
2nd: Booz Allen Hamilton Booz Clues donating $1,616 to the Alzheimer's Association
3rd: Google I'm Feeling Lucky donating $539 to Carbonfund.org


1st: Adobe | IllusTracers donating $4,488 to Child's Play
2nd: Amazon Fire Force donating $2244 to National Alliance on Mental Illness
3rd: Google G9 Lul donating $748 to The Children's Defense Fund

League of Legends

1st: Amazon Stock Diff donating $5000 to St Jude Children's Research Hospital
2nd: Microsoft Project Scarlett donating $2,500 to charity:water
3rd: Raytheon donating $833 to Mathcounts

Starcraft 2

1st: Alexa, 12 Pool donating $1,920 to GiveWell (finals video)
2nd: Amazon Painforest donating $960 to GiveWell
3rd: Ok Googler donating $320 to Child's Play


1st: MS Office donating $2280 to Child's Play
2nd: IBM donating $1140 to Canadian Blood Services
3rd: LinkedIn DinkedIn donating $380 to Child's Play

Call of Duty

1st: Raythe-on-point donating $1000 to Mathcounts
2nd: IBM donating $450 to The ALS Association
3rd: Facebook donating $200 to Doctors Without Borders


1st: Google Cloud Players donating $2000 to The ALS Association
2nd: Microsoft Bane and Mirana Ganks Foundation donating $1000 to Child's Play
3rd: Amazon KDC donating $333 to Black Lives Matter Global Network.

All finals videos have been uploaded to our YouTube! Please support the CEA by subscribing. Next season with the CEA features the most titles yet, including:


Rocket League
League of Legends
Starcraft 2
Dota 2

From everyone on the CEA Staff, thanks for joining for our biggest season yet! It's been a blast for us, and we hope you feel the same. See you all this Fall!

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