Fall 2021 Wrap Up and Giving Report

December 20, 2021 1 Comment

Fall 2021 Wrap Up and Giving Report

Thanks to everyone who played, watched, and cheered us along this Fall 2021 season. This season was our largest ever, and featured the largest donation set we've ever made. Here's where the money went:

Rocket League
From Microsoft, the Ninjacats donate $3,600.00 to Child's Play
From Microsoft, The Windows Drivers donate $1,800.00 to Child's Play
From Microsoft, Clippit donates $600.00 to Direct Relief COVID-19 Relief

From Epic Systems, Bigger than Epic Games donate $960.00 to Autism Science Foundation
From Facebook(meta), Kazuckya donate $480.00 to Girls Who Code
From Capital One, Fire donate $160.00 to St Jude's

From Meta, BookFace donate $3,960.00 to the Equal Justice Initiative
From Microsoft, ms_office donate $1,980.00 to Child's Play
From General Motors, Generous Motors donates $660.00 to Child's Play

League of Legends
From Raytheon, Raytheon Apollo donates $5,280.00 to The Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence
From Amazon, Amazon Stock Diff donates $2,640.00 to St Jude Children's Research Hospital
From Google, 100Googlers donates $880.00 to the Rainforest Foundation US

From Microsoft, xX Office 365 No Scope Xx donates $2592 to Game Changer
From Amazon, Amazon Fire Force donates $1296 to National Alliance on Menta Illness (NAMI)
From IBM, IBM Squid Squad donates $432 to the Children's Miracle Network

Starcraft 2
From Epic, Epic Systims donates $1,344.00 to Doctors Without Borders
From Microsoft, Macrohard donates $448.00 to Black Girls Code

From LinkedIn, DinkedIn donates to $1,800 UNICEF
From General Motors, the Gamer Men donate $900 to Child's Play
From Meta, FaZebook donates $600 to Doctors with Borders

From Amazon, Alpha Zeroes donates $2,420.00 to World Resource Institute
From Microsoft, MicrosoftA donates $1,210.00 to Gavi the Vaccine Alliance
From Adobe, Creative Chess donates $400.00 to Bari Mama
From Amazon, Pawn Intended donates $1,040.00 to Akshaya Patra Foundation
From Garmin, Garmin Chess donates $520.00 to Operation Underground Railroad
From Microsoft, Microsoft Eastern Forks donates $170.00 to Chester County Community Foundation

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Teknik Industri
Teknik Industri

September 28, 2023

Can you provide more information about the Fall 2021 season and the specific events or tournaments that took place to raise these donations? Additionally, are there any future plans or initiatives to continue supporting charitable causes in the esports and gaming community? Tel U

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