Player Spotlight: Mannered

March 04, 2019 3 Comments

Player Spotlight: Mannered

Our Player Spotlight explores the person behind the screen, what they're up to outside of gaming and what pushes them to compete in the CEA. We'll be publishing different player profiles every Tuesday and Thursday until our spring season commences on March 16th.

What is your name (real or gamer tag), job title, and company?

Keith "Mannered" Seidel, Operations Program Manager at EagleView.

How did you hear about the CEA?

I was first exposed to the corporate gaming world when friends shared a YouTube video of an AHGL StarCraft II final with me. Being a former competitive player I was excited to see recreational play options for people in similar situations as myself and knew I had to get my company to join in.
What do you love about your job?
I love the opportunity to solve exciting and challenge issues in a creative, strategic way. My coworkers are also extremely cool people so every project is blast.
What is your or your team's primary driver to competing in the CEA?
Team building is essential to a strong work environment and how better to do that than to go to virtual battle with your co-workers!
What is your strategy going into this season?
My strategy is to just have fun. We all work really hard and have really stressful jobs and this is where we can let lose and have a good time. We are just naturally great so no other strategy needed. :p
What three games do you have the most overall hours in? How is this representative of your overall personality?
In order: Starcraft 2, Dota 2, and PUBG. Seeing these names together like this makes me feel like I enjoy punishing losses and I'm scared of how a psychologist might say this reflects on me as a person.
Who on your team is the most dangerous? Why should they be feared?
DJRufio is our most fearsome player. He has the APM of a Starcraft pro after 4 Redbulls, the fast-twitch mouse precision of 5 CS:GO players rolled up into one, the BM capabilities of the worst wood tier League of Legends game, and the gorgeous flowing hair of an Adonis to back it all up. He also DJs his own parties

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